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  • Can all my children use the same log-in and take the assessments?
    No. Your children must each have their own log-in. This is because the test is computer adaptive and changes question difficulty level based on correct and incorrect answers. Also, the report you need to turn in for PEP Scholarship students will reflect only one student name and cannot be changed. You must purchase one Northridge Academy membership per child.
  • How often can my child take the assessments?
    We recommend taking the Reading and Math or Early Literacy tests three times during the year to see growth and monitor what skills your student is learning. Recommended testing time are Beginning/Fall, Middle/Winter, and End/Spring. You can progress monitor more frequently, if desired.
  • What does the Reading test look like? How does logging in work?
    For an overview of how to login and what the Reading assessment looks like, please watch:
  • What does the Early Literacy test look like?
    For an overview of the Early Literacy assessment please watch:
  • Who should I call for support issues?
    Please call or text Northridge Academy for all tech support and support issues at ‪(352) 724-5570‬. You can also email Do not call the company of the test as they will not be able to help you with tech issues. Calling the 1-800 number on the login page is in violation of your terms of use and can result in losing access to all product and programs that Northridge Academy offers.
  • What do I get with my Northridge Academy membership?
    You get online community support through meetings each Monday at 10:00am ET to discuss your child's data and get ideas. Your child has access to the Reading, Math and Early Literacy assessments in English and Spanish. The test results allow you to see what skills your child needs to work on. You can trade ideas for meeting skills with other parents in the community. Parents need to purchase one membership per child so that each child has their own test data.
  • What assessment is required at the end of the year if my child has the PEP scholarship?
    Your child should take Reading and Math OR Early Literacy (and Math, if desired).
  • Can my child practice the test before we turn in the score to the scholarship organization? Which score should I turn in?
    The test is simple to use and should not need a practice test. You can watch the video in the FAQs to see what the test will look like. You can turn in the Home Connect email with scores you receive after your student finshes a test. You must sign up PRIOR to your student testing to receive this report. If you would like additional data for your child- like a breakdown of skills within each learning domain on this report- please text Northridge at 352-724-5570 or email
  • Can I get reimbursed for this?
    Yes. You can submit your invoice under membership fees. You can submit the invoice you will receive in your official welcome email for reimbursement. Make sure you include your child's full name and grade when you sign up to Northridge Academy to have this information included on your invoice. If you would like for us to include the last four digits of your credit/debit card on the invoice, please add a note at check out with this information. We do not have access to it for security reasons.
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