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About Us

Hello, I'm Dr. Adrienne Harvie

First off, welcome to Northridge Academy! Having a school has been life-long dream of mine - ever since I played school during summer vacation with my younger siblings. I loved making worksheets for them. Yes, I was that kid! Fast forward a few years and I became a Language Arts teacher in brick and mortar schools both in Florida and in Utah. Eventually, I became a literacy interventionist, teacher supervisor, and English Language Learner program coordinator for an on-line school.










Mission of Northridge Academy

The mission of Northridge Academy is to help students and families access high-quality resources and have a community to help them improve day to day and year to year. 


Joining the community of Northridge Academy doesn't mean you are enrolling in a school- you are just accessing the community and resources that we offer. No worries! Your homeschool and PEP status are safe!

Now, I am a homeschooling mom with four children.  We love going to the beach, playing at the park, and watching for satellites in the night sky. We have a betta fish named Esmerelda that we love watching grow.

As a homeschool parent, I longed for connection with other parents to talk about how my students were doing academically and get ideas for how to teach math and reading skills for different grade levels. Thus, the online community of Northridge Academy came to be. A place where parents can use concrete assessment data to help their children grow as much as possible and connect with other parents at the same time.


In case you were wondering, my educational background includes multiple degrees I have acquired over time:

Ed.D in Curriculum & Instruction: Educational Technology

M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction: Reading 

B.A. in English Teaching

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