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How to use Direct Pay in EMA

1- Log-in to the EMA portal

2- Choose Marketplace

3- Click on the box for Direct Providers.

4- Choose your student's name from the dropdown box. 

5- In the search box at the top, type Northridge and our name should come up in the listings.

(Due to how direct-pay works, the price on our website and the EMA Marketplace might be different.)

6. Click on the location (virtual)

7. Choose the Part-time Tutoring option that is available.

8. Select quanity 1.

9. Add to cart.

10. Open your cart and click Reserve Funds. 

11. Click on the box to allow contact information to be sent

12. Once this is completed-- go to the Recent Transactions tab

13. Locate the transaction-id to use on the Google form to complete your sign up process

14. Fill in this form:

Once you have reserved the funds in the EMA and filled in the form here, please allow up to 36 business hours to receive an email with your child's login information.

For more information, please refer to the FAQ page.

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